Pressure Fryers

Pressure Fryers
Pressure Fryers

You are wondering how to get the fried chicken in your restaurant’s menu to look and taste as juicy as the one sold by your favorite fast-food chain? The secret is in Pressure Fryers! If you are looking at taking your project to the next level, expand in new markets, or attract more customers, these machines are on your part.

Here at Astons, we know that even the best chefs can get further with the right equipment at hand. We also believe that any restaurant, cafe’, or fast-food shop has an unlimited potential to unlock. To do so, getting the monotonous and tiring manual labor out of the way and having time to conceive a new idea can help. That’s why you can find a vast range of Pressure Fryers in our store!
The Secret Behind Pressure Fryers
Still not sure that a Pressure Fryer can help? They are the secret behind KFC crispy wings or the mouth-watering golden color of the fillet from some fish & chips shops. Pressure Fryers bring the meat and the oil at high temperatures, while the increased pressure on the ingredients cooks them perfectly in less time.

Such a blasting cooking process leaves the meat tender, juicy, and hot. At the same time, the surrounding skin is deliciously crispy and still sizzling as the dish reaches the customer’s table. Like if all this was not enough, a pressure fryer can cut down the timings needed to dish out portions after portions, especially in larger businesses.
Pressure Fryers: The Specs
Does all this sound great to you, and you have already started thinking about a new recipe to try? Let’s have a look at the unique specs that make these machines so important!
Aside from cutting down on operation costs, with a Pressure Fryer, you can limit the usage of pricey ingredients and resources such as cooking oils. Moreover, the amount of food produced and processed per machine is outstanding, allowing you to expect a higher return on investment. Increased productivity and sales mean more income!
If you are thinking about making your menu a little more health-conscious without compromising on taste, Pressure Fryers might be the ultimate choice. The reduced cooking times used by these machines ensure that the juice and flavor of the meat remain within the crust. Yet, all the excess oils and fats will stay out of it, making the end product healthier but just as delicious!
At Astons, we know that there is nothing more important than the health and safety of you and your staff while in a kitchen. But don’t worry! The pressure trapped within the Fryer is Fryersed slowly once the cooking process is over. This feature ensures high safety standards while preserving the goodness of the meat.
Better Food!
With such a fast-developing and fierce competition, every business has to fight for a larger share of the market. Ignoring growing customer trends can be a fatal mistake, even for established restaurants. Instead, opt to produce healthier, cheaper, tastier, and more flavorful foods and win over new customers!