Potato Chippers

Potato Chippers
Potato Chippers

No matter what kind of restaurant, bar, cafe or eatery you are, customers will always want to have the option of ordering a side of chips. It's a comfort dish, one that is familiar with almost every culture in the world. Chips can be made for the growing number of vegans as well, so your menu should retain this side or accompaniment no matter what kind of cuisine you offer. However, peeling and cutting potatoes into chips is a time-consuming task. You could spend that time prepping your other ingredients and just let one of our potato chippers do all the hard work for you.

A small appliance

Every kitchen in the food and beverage industry is constantly playing a game of Tetris. Business owners are trying to figure out how many machines they can use for several different tasks in a bid to save as much space as possible. Thankfully, the kind of potato chippers that we sell are vertically designed and thus, their footprint on the ground is quite small. Compared to a whole raft of other kitchen equipment, potato chippers are generally easier to clean. The filling station is a series of large flat surface areas, which can be easily sprayed and wiped. The cutting element can be accessed via a hatch door or simply lifting a panel, which you can then clean just as easily. The small compact design of the chipper is ideal as it's the only job is to produce a simple side dish, so it shouldn’t take space from more important equipment.

High-quality material

We make sure that we only sell potato chippers of the highest quality and that’s why we offer our models in stainless steel only. The metal is manufactured from heavy gauge steel, which is renowned for its reliability. No matter if the potatoes you throw in are hot from the boiling pan or completely raw, the machine’s blades and structure will be able to handle the weight of sack after sack. This is incredibly important during rush hour when you just need to create as many plates of chips as you possibly can to keep your customers happy. Chips are one of the first dishes that customers will order, as their starter. So you should expect to get many miles out of your chipper before you ever need to replace parts from wear and tear. The stainless steel our machines are made from, rise to the challenge.

Ease of use

The chippers we sell are simple and fast to use. There’s no training to be required aside from the usual familiarity with the manual. There’s a bucket that catches the cut chips so your chefs can immediately pick up the fresh batch and pour it into the fryer. Pretty soon your cooks will know how many plates they can make out of one bucket, so they’ll develop a routine reasonably quickly. This will also prevent wastage as you don’t want to use more potatoes than required.

Chips are a friendly and familiar dish that many people order. Your establishment should have an effective machine that is fast, reliable and easy to use, to keep up with customer demand.