Commercial Fryers

Commercial Fryers
Commercial Fryers

A broken or poorly functioning commercial fryer can cost money and cause delays for a business. That's why at Astons we sell, repair and service commercial fryers to ensure that your catering equipment can keep producing food for your business. Whether you're a smaller business or have a large kitchen, we'll have the commercial fryers to suit your needs.

Astons: Offering Top Of the Range Commercial Fryers
We offer top of the range, computerized electric and gas pressure models to suit every size and scale of kitchen operation. Our stock covers the Henny Penny and Barbeque King's finest models, to deliver that tender fried chicken your customers love. Only looking for a countertop fryer to suit your local fish and chip shop? Our 15 Litre Counter-Top Pressure Fryer is the perfect portable item for succulent British fish and chips on the go.

Repairs For Your Commercial Fryers With Aston
If you have an existing model that has served you well for years, you might not want or need to buy an entirely new fryer. But if it needs some repairs, our expert technicians are on hand to advise, diagnose and fix your pressure fryer problems. We are certified Kuroma repair experts, so have decades of experience in fixing all models and makes of commercial fryers. Book a visit from one of our technicians, who can come to you for repairs, or deliver your model to us in-house. We'll give you a replacement while we work to ensure your business has no costly downtime.

Top Quality Parts For Your Commercial Fryer
As well as stocking the newest models, we also stock the latest parts to ensure that you can keep using a commercial fryer that works for your company. Browse our parts shop for the latest switches, pressure gauges, timers and thermostats to keep your model functioning. Don't know what you are looking for? Give our customer service team a call on 0121 643 1131, and we'll be able to advise on the right option for you. Purchase a part and hire our effective team to repair it for you. Take the hassle out of the repair process by having a member of our team provide a free consultation and quote ahead of any repairs carried out.

Find Out If You Need A New Model With Our Expert Consultation
At Astons, we put our customer service before our business, which is why we won't try and sell you a new model you don't need. If you're unsure about whether you need a new unit, contact our team to find out whether it will be more cost-effective for you to repair your existing model. If it's a straightforward fix that you may be able to carry out, we'll even recommend the part without insisting we come and fix it for you. Take the uncertainty out of a new catering equipment purchase by calling our team before you pay for a model you don't need.

Contact us today for the latest advice and expertise in repairs, servicing and sales for Commercial Fryers. Guarantee you're buying the best model or getting the best repairs from Astons expert team.