Kebab Slicers

Kebab Slicers
Kebab Slicers

Time is money, especially in foodservice operations. Luckily, today technology and machines are ready to help business owners serve faster, fresher, and more delicious meals. Here at Astons, we want to see businesses succeed and expand. That is why we have a range of Kebab Slicers that fit any restaurant’s needs. Whether you are in fine dining and need better-looking roast slices, or you want to see the productivity of your fast food outlet skyrocket, we are here for you.

If you have been wondering whether Kebab Slicers are a necessary addition to your equipment, ask yourself whether you are happy to spend hours manually slicing a 40kg spit. If the answer is no, and probably will be, a Kebab Slicer will become your best friend in a matter of hours.
More Happy Customers
There is nothing else restaurateurs want aside from looking at a queue outside their diner grow longer. More customers, more popularity, more money! Yet, if your kitchens are not ready to serve such a volume of customers faster, the effects could be counterproductive!

If you are struggling with the number of orders, you have to dish out every hour, or you just can’t manage to get two portions to be the same, start trusting machinery! Kebab Slicers, among the other pieces of equipment in our collection, help diminish the pressure on the staff members, kitchen areas, and management.

Now imagine serving three customers within the same time frame that you needed to prepare one order. Successful entrepreneurs are so because they had the presence of mind to get ready in advance for future achievements! Join them and get your kitchen prepared with a Kebab Slicer.
Delicious Features
Now that we have helped you discover more about the hidden benefits of Kebab Slicers let’s see what to expect from them!

Adjustable meat slice thickness
Stainless-steel machines that are corrosion and rust-resistant
Metal blade cover for increased kitchen and operation safety
Ergonomic handle that lowers the effort needed to cut into the spit
Easy to clean pieces of equipment with detachable blades that won’t trouble the kitchen porter
Environmentally friendly
Powerful machines, yet quiet enough to not be heard by the hungriest of customers
Can cut up to 60kg of meat per day

Of course, they might seem like an investment at first, but be sure that they will pay themselves back in productivity in a matter of days!
There Is Always Space For Improvement
Now that the hard manual work is out of the way, you can focus on what is truly important for your business: continuous improvement! Kebab Slicers are so versatile that allow you to:
Expand your business concept into new fields, such as the up-and-coming plant-based menus.
Try out new ingredients. Kebab Slicers are suitable for most of Kebab spits, allowing you to vary your stock to match your clients’ needs.
Improve the look and quality of portions. Serving hundreds of dishes a day is challenging, but getting them to look all the same is almost impossible. A Kebab Slicer can help you exceed your customers’ expectations.
Serve more customers. The number one reason for buying a Kebab Slicer? Increases productivity!