Commercial Fryers Birmingham

Commercial Fryers Birmingham

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If you haven't got one yet, it’s time to buy a new commercial fryer! Commercial fryers can change your menu and provide a range of different, delicious appetisers, entrees and sides for your restaurant. At Astons Catering Equipment, we carry a large selection of some of the best commercial fryers Birmingham has to offer, which means that you’ll find the option that you want for your business in no time at all.

Whether you own a restaurant or a food truck, you deserve to invest in the best commercial fryers Birmingham can offer. You can choose from a range of fryers of different configurations, capacities and sizes so that you can choose the best possible model for the space you have in your kitchen. We have both electric and gas commercial fryers, so you have a myriad of commercial fryers Birmingham to choose from.
New Models
Commercial fryers are designed to heat large quantities of oil for deep frying large batches of food. Most people have some kind of fryer in their home but the larger commercial fryers are found in commercial kitchens and restaurants. They’re an efficient and cost-effective choice for your cooking establishment, and as we offer a range of deep fryers at a range of prices, you can get the fryer you want at a price that works for you.

Our commercial fryers Birmingham are available in both the countertop and floor models, so if you are lacking in space in your kitchen or you’re working from a food truck, you’re going to find something that works for you. The chances are high that you have to meet high volume demands, and if that’s the case, you’re going to need to find the best commercial fryers Birmingham has to offer with Astons Catering Equipment.

We carry a range of specialty fryers for cooking, and we can even meet certain installation requirements - just let us know what you need and we’ll see if we can help. Whether you are serving classic comfort foods or you are looking to expand your restaurant range, we’ve got the perfect commercial fryers Birmingham for your needs. If your kitchen doesn't have enough space for a new hood system, ask us about ventless fryers!
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Commercial deep fryers are ideal for any restaurant, diner or food truck, so no matter what you need our experts are here to help. We’re also able to offer a range of stabilisers to ensure that your oil stays at the highest possible quality. At Astons, we’re proud to be able to offer a premium internet supply service of catering equipment. All of our quotes are available within 24 hours and are free! Not only do we supply most catering equipment options, we supply at trade and to the general public, too.

Check out our options online as well as our repair services. We’re happy to help you with your restaurant needs, and all it takes is a conversation with our experts!